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The Ultimate Escape Inc.

105 Lexington Road Unit 1

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada  N2J 4R7  


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Virtual Reality Escape Rooms

2 people        $25.00 each

3-4 people     $21.00 each

Recommended Ages 9+

Children under 16 need adult supervisor 

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The Ultimate Escape - Live Escape Room Experiece

Cancellation policy
This is a live event game, and once the booking is confirmed, we cannot accept any cancellations, or give any refunds. However you can reschedule the game for another time by giving us at least 1 day’s notice. For reschedules, please contact us by email to or by phone 1-519-885-9595.


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Regular Escape Rooms

2 people        $25.00 each
3-11 people    $21.00 each
12-16 people  $20.00 each
16+ people     $17.70 each

Recommended Ages 12+

Children under 16 need participating adult supervisors - 1 adult for 3 children

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